Regional Disaster Preparedness
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Links to emergency notification systems for the five-county Houston region are given below, divided by category. Some jurisdictions or schools do not offer email or phone emergency alerts. In that situation, please use your county's service. Be aware that not all alert systems will announce every emergency. Some systems are intended only for emergency closure information, and will not provide disaster information. Always rely on multiple sources of information, including local media. Be aware that technical difficulties could prevent the timely receipt of text message or email alerts.

All systems are administered by the jurisdiction listed, or that jurisdiction's contractor. The the Houston Urban Area Security Initiative does not administer any of the systems listed below and cannot address technical questions, registration issues, or other problems.

Information on this site is limited to systems with registration forms or documentation accessible online. If your jurisdiction or school does not have a link to an emergency notification system, one may still be available. Contact your local Office of Emergency Management for more information.

If you live outside the Houston region, please contact your local Office of Emergency Management to get details about Reverse 9-1-1 and emergency alerts for your area.

Click on the section headings below to view the notification systems in that section.


All five counties in the Ready Houston region provide emergency notifications for their residents. If you live in a municipality, or are affiliated with a school district, college, or university, please also check the other sections for additional emergency notification options.

Four of the counties in our region also have Reverse 9-1-1 systems that can reach cell phones and VoIP phones (such as phone service from Vonage). In order to activate Reverse 9-1-1 to your cell phone or VoIP phone, you need to register your phone number and an address. Residents with land lines (traditional telephones) are already in the Reverse 9-1-1 system and do not need to take any action for those phone lines.

Except for the City of Galveston, the county cell phone and VoIP Reverse 9-1-1 registries also cover all cities wholly or partially inside those counties.


Local governments may provide local announcements or emergency notifications to their residents. If your municipality does not have an alert system, or if you live in an unincorporated area, you can also receive alerts from your county.


The content distributed through school alert systems varies by school and district. Some schools and districts only use their alerting system to announce school closures and changes in dismissal. Others will distribute emergency information. Check with your school to determine what information is available through their alert system.

Regional systems are also available. The Harris County Department of Education provides a service called for Harris County schools and surrounding districts.


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