Regional Disaster Preparedness
Refinery fire


Instructions for downloading files will vary slightly between browsers and operating systems. Information on the most common browsers is included below. If you are still unable to download our video files, please feel free to contact our office at

All of the Ready Houston video files are available as both Windows Media Video files and MPEG-4 video files. There are many players which will open either type of file. Two common players are Windows Media Player for WMV files and Apple QuickTime for MP4/M4V files. No endorsement of any particular brand or player is given.

Together Against the Weather videos are property of the Houston-Galveston Area Council. For more information on these videos, please visit the Together Against the Weather website.

Download Instructions

  1. Navigate to the Videos page and expand the section that contains the videos you wish to download. To the right of each video, you will see links for the various formats.
  2. Decide which format you want to use.
  3. Do the following, depending on your operating system:
    • In Microsoft Windows, right-click on the icon for the format you want.
    • In Mac OS, hold down the "Control" key (found at the bottom-left of your keyboard) while clicking once on the on the icon for the format you want.
    • In most mobile browsers, hold your finger down on the icon for the format you want for several seconds (varies by phone).
  4. A context menu will appear. Select the item that says the following (varies by browser):
    • Save Target As
    • Save File As
    • Save Link As
    • Download File
  5. One of two things will then happen, depending on your browser's settings. Either you will see a window allowing you to choose a download location, or your browser will automatically save the file to your Downloads folder.
  6. Locate where your browser saved the file and open the video file to ensure that the download was successful.

If you run into problems, please contact our office and we will gladly assist you.


Some files on this site require plugins (external programs) to work. A listing of common plugins for these files is given below. Other programs may also be able to open these files. No endorsement of a specific brand or product is given.