Regional Disaster Preparedness


Title: Are You Ready? One-Minute Preview Version

Video opens with a time-lapse video of a sun rising over a field. Calming music is heard. Birds are chirping. The video shows shots of downtown Houston. The narrator begins speaking over shots of an elderly couple standing in front of wildflowers, a woman standing in front of a picture of the space shuttle, and footage from the shuttle as it leaves Earth's atmosphere.

Narrator: The Houston region is the kind of place where big ideas typically become larger-than-life realities.

The video shows footage of the Memorial Hermann LifeFlight helicopter and its staff, followed by schoolchildren on a boat.

Narrator: Throw any challenge our way, and we meet it head on. But are we really (start emphasis) ready for anything? (end emphasis)

Shots are shown of various disasters, with crews working to stabilize the situations.

Narrator: No one likes to think about disasters, but they can happen here, just like in every other part of the world. The question is, are you prepared to survive them?

An animated version of the Ready Houston logo is shown.

Narrator: A video on disaster preparedness is available to all citizens in the Houston region.

A family sits on the floor packing an emergency supply kit. Another family looks at their evacuation route. A man helps his elderly neighbor to a car.

Narrator: The goal of this video is to prepare you and your family on how to respond to, and recover from, the effects of any disaster. For more information on disaster preparedness and to obtain or view a copy of the video, log on to Are you ready?

An animated version of the Ready Houston logo is shown.

End of film.