Regional Disaster Preparedness


Title: Together Against the Weather

The video opens with a woman in a wheelchair.

The entire video is interpreted in American Sign Language via film of a woman at the bottom right of the screen.

Woman: For some of us, preparing for hurricane season means more than storing canned foods and bottled water.

A minister begins speaking.

Minister: If you or someone you care for will need help when a hurricane is coming, then team up.

A woman sits next to her elderly father.

Woman: We've made a list of things he needs every day, like batteries for hearing aids ...

An elderly woman who uses a walker stands next to another woman who holds the woman with a walker's medicines and a glass of water.

Woman with the walker: ... medications to last at least a week or more ...

A man stands holding a cane for use by visually impaired people.

Man with a cane: ... and if you'll need transportation in an evacuation, call 2-1-1 today to register for help.

Woman with the elderly father: Because we're better ...

Elderly father: together.

Woman with the walker and her helper: Together.

Woman in the wheelchair and the minister: Together against the weather.

Credits: Together Against the Weather Logo.

End of film.